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Death card meditation

I wanted to write something really amazing since it has been so long a time since I have blogged. I also have changed my blogging software. Apple is no longer supporting iWeb which is what I used for my on line journal.

I have been longing for change in my life, but like many I am afraid of the “what ifs”. To overcome this fear I have been immersing myself in the Death card. To bring renewal and change we must face our fears head on. One of the things I have always found helpful when seeking growth from the cards is to enter into the card for a little one on one interaction! I have done this with the Death card years ago and I will post that one as well, but here is what I got from it yesterday:

When I entered the card it was very barren and I could smell dead leaves rotting. There were many frightened people. I could feel the fear. The castle was shut off and this made me realize that fear causes us to shut ourselves off. We lose our humanity.

The people in the card were cowering from the Death Rider. When I looked at him, there seemed to be a veil distorting my view. In this veil there was a diamond shaped opening through which I could see clearly. I stepped through this doorway.

On the other side of the veil every thing was white. Not like light or as if I was on a cloud, but white like “nothing”. The horse was white and on the horse the Death Rider now appeared almost like an angel except his eyes were black. He wore white robes instead of armor and had blond hair and flesh. He still looked ominous but in a pre way. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get on the horse in front or in back of him. When I climbed on the horse I ended up being “in ” him. The horse took off and we began riding aimlessly into white nothingness. So I kept riding and going no where in nothingness waiting for the next thing to happen. Nothing happened. The horse just kept running until I realized I needed to talk to this hoarse. The hoarse stopped and I got down. He was milky white except for his black eye that was looking into me. It spoke, “I need to talk to you, Amy”. I knew it was very hard for him to speak so I told him to just “think” it. That is when the message for me started flowing:

“You took the first step and faced your fears by getting on my back. (IRL I am very afraid of horses!). When a hoarse senses your fears they react without reason and run in no apparent direction. You let go of your fear and that is when I stopped and listened. Now you can direct me and I will do the work while you lead me. You need to face and control your fears at all times. They can carry you far if you face them and give them direction! Keep them on the path. Make me work for you not against you. ”

In retrospect, my weakness is getting side tracked and loosing sight of my goals. I have so many ideas I want to bring to fruition that nothing gets done. I need to focus on one project at a time and not get distracted by fears and doubts. Just do it! Acknowledge my fears and then move on.

Once I understood this the diamond in the veil appeared again. I stepped through and was back into the card. As I was leaving the card I turned around and looked back at the Death Rider who was back to his skeletal form and he looked back and gave me a wink!