About Amy

My name is Amy Lamash and I have been exploring and reading the Tarot cards since 2002.

I see the Tarot  reading as the promise of possibility.  A willing tool that can be used to glean insights in many facets of our lives or life situations. Through interpretation of the cards together we can find  new doors to open. Doors of opportunity and new found paths to life changing insights.

My fascination for tarot began when I was a young girl.  My first memory of Tarot was at my Aunt’s home. I remember standing in the hallway peeking into my Aunt’s room. She and my Mom were sitting on the bed and my Aunt was giving my Mom a tarot reading.

don’t remember the reading or what they said to each other. What I do remember is the difference in my Mom after the reading. My Mom was going through a  difficult time and as a child I could feel the effects of the stress she was under. When we left my Aunt’s house that day she seemed to have a confidence and a radiance that I had not seen in her for some time. She seemed hopeful and in control of her life. It was then I knew that one day I would read Tarot cards like my Aunt. I wanted to give people the gift that my Aunt had given my Mom that day: hope, healing and a sense of control in her life.

For years I was the recipient of readings from my Aunt. These readings were so helpful when going through my own challenging times. They would give me a sense of relief by bringing  my problems down to a manageable level that felt less insurmountable. It was during these most trying times of my life that I decided to started reading the cards for myself. I used them to gain insight and come up with ways of dealing with situations that otherwise seemed out of my reach.

I  give readings that you will walk away from feeling empowered and in control of your future.  I use the reading to help lead you to your own conclusions and to make positive choices with confidence.

On this blog you can read personal notes from my tarot journal that I have kept since I first began to delve into tarot and see how tarot helped me to heal and grow.

Along with  years of experience, I have invested in extensive training in order to give you the best reading possible.

Professional classes with world renowned Tarot Masters Rachel Pollack and Mary K Greer. Rachael Pollack and Mary K Greer are both regular teachers at the Omega Institute and have written many books.

Various classes with Tarot historian and artist, Robert Place

Birth Card Class with The Tarot School of NYC

Reader’s Studio 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. The Reader’s Studio is a yearly Tarot event arranged by the Tarot School of NYC. The presenters of this 3 day intensive include the very best Tarot experts from around the world!

I have also been a guest on the very popular tarot podcast, Tarot Connection by Leisa ReFalo on the topic of Tarot journaling and how it can be used to heal.

To arrange a reading please email me at hvtarot@mac.com

1 thought on “About Amy”

  1. Leila Wolfert said:

    Amy gave me a reading before and it was the best tarot reading I’ve ever received! I do Tarot myself and I can’t recommend Amy enough. She is thorough and so generous with her time. She is extremely gifted, there is no doubt I’m my mind. I came here to book another reading because its’ been a few years.

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