Decks for Sale

For Sale here. If interested please email me at hvtarot at aol dot com . First come fist serve basis. payment due immediately. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping zip is 10596 and you can tell me how you want it shipped. All decks are in very good condition unless otherwise stated.

I’ll consider deals if you purchase more than 3 decks



Osho Zen – still sealed $15.00
Gilded Reverie – Limited Edition signed in black box $100
Blue Moon Limited Edition Majors only with booklette by Julie Cuccia Watts $100
The Journey Into Egypt Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts 186/1000. Never used $100
Morgans Tarot $10.00
Tarot of Secret Forest $10.00
Maat Tarot with book 13/100 Very good condtion. Book is signed and has personal message. Will include vevet bag made by Julie. I will be happy to send you pictures  $300
Lunatic Tarot $30
Baroque Bohemian Cat’s Tarot 1st edition deck and book set $300.00
Baroque Bohemian Cat’s Tarot deck – sealed $140.00
Melissa Lenormand – never used Make an offer
Llewelyn set $15.00
Longmoment Cards by Greg Hoose $40.00
The Enchanted Lenormand set $10.00
 Manara by LoScarbeo  $10.00


31 thoughts on “Decks for Sale”

  1. how much you want for sweet twighlight?

  2. janice ghent said:

    I would please, like the baroque bohemian cats tarot for$ 140.00 if still available. Please let me know so I may purchase this. Is the Alice Tarot you have , the first , larger card edition??? Visconti gold and /or enchanted lenormand will be my 4 choices for a deal. Maybe a deal on first edition Bar Boh cats is available with these other purchases so please let me know if these choices are available with the prices included for each . Thank You.

    • Yes, the Alice is the large 1st edition and the price includes the book. I would give the Boroque Bo Cats deck, Visconti,Alice deck and book, and Mystical Lenormand for $300 plus shipping. For the BB Cats first edition deck and book set I would sell for an additional $350.

    • Hi Janice, please let me know if you are interested so I know weather to hold these decks for you.

  3. I am interested in the world spirit deck. do you stil have it?

  4. Is the Llewellen Tarot still available? And how much would the shipping be to Ireland. Really would like to have this deck!!

    • This is a deck book set so it weighs 2 lbs and that’s without packaging weight. The cheapest was $37. That’s a lot. Let me know if you still want it.

  5. Still have Pearls of Wisdom? Shipping to 75474–thanks!

  6. Is Maroon on the $10. list?
    Did Janice seal the deal on the Alice, boho cats and visconti?

    • Hi Starriknyes, the Maroon is $20 and the Alice, Boho and Visconti are all still available!

      • Thank you for responding.
        Guess I was confused by your May 10th post, “all single decks are now reduced to $10…”. Maroon is a single deck, not a set or kit. It doesn’t even include a little white book. lol Can’t get much more single than that. It’s bare bones. I own it, I purchased it directly from its Maja years ago. I was just thinking about a backup.

        I also own 1st ed. Boho Cats and the special limited ed mini. I could be tempted on your (what is it?) 2011, 2012 edition but not at that price. That’s more than I pd for my like new 1st ed. lol

        I also own a sealed Alice, and would love to have one I could use but your price! eeeek! I paid half that for a sealed deck less than 6 months ago and wouldn’t pay more than $10 for the book.

        Honestly your prices would have to fall quite a bit to entice me to spend.
        But Thank you for your time and
        Good luck with the sale
        Tarot Blessings

  7. Sorry you are confused, I thought my listing up above with the exact price next to the deck was very clear.

    The $10 for a single deck that you saw before I put up the information with the prices by deck was the price for single decks that are still available.

    And EEEK! $150 for the Alice deck and book is about what they both cost me with the shipping.

    Again the Maroon “bare bones” deck cost me more than the $20 with the shipping and it isn’t available any more so $20 is pretty damn good.

    Also, yes the Cats is the first edition an not been used and if you don’t think it’s worth $400 then don’t buy it.

    If you know what decks go for you would realize that my prices are more than reasonable, they are in fact very good. Sooo with that being said, bite me lol.

    Tarot and Oracle Blessing to you too.

  8. Hi – have either the Alice Tarot, the Baroque Bohemian Cat’s Tarot 1st edition deck and book set, or the Mountain Dream Tarot ever been used? Depending on their condition and whether you can give me a good deal, I might be interested.


    • Hi Tammy,

      The Alice is still in the shrink wrap and the book has been stored in bubble wrap so it is pristine. The BBCat and the Mountain Dream have both been looked at but never shuffled or used for readings and are both in excellent condition. If you want you can email me and I will reply with pictures and if you want all 3 I will offer them to you for $600 plus shipping. That’s $50 less than the asking prices.

      Thanks for inquiring!

  9. Katelynn said:

    Hi there. I would be interested in the Tarot dr la Rea if it is still available. Could you tell me a bit more about the condition of the cards and whether or not it has a box? Thanks!
    P.s. I am also looking for The Stolen Child tarot by Monica Knighton and another copy of the Blue Rose Tarot by Paula Gibby should you ever stumble upon them. 🙂

  10. Edward Thomas said:

    Hi is the maroon deck still available

  11. Debra Schwartz said:

    Is the ALICE Tarot deck still availed ?

  12. Nathalie Wigmore said:

    Hi there, thought I’d enquire to see if your Maroon deck has sold. Thanks a bunch!

  13. How do I go about making a offer on the Melissa Lenormand deck

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